Top 5 cryptocurrency to invest in 2021

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‌In this article we are going over the top 5 cryptocurrency to invest in 2021. Now so unlike the disadvantages of stock market we’ve experienced. Some extreme volatility through exaggerated responses of a highly sensitive market.

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The top 5 cryptocurrency scene has been relatively stable in past few months with much more to grow & future of the world.

The beauty and fun of being a retail investors is having the freedom to choose what you want to invest in as well as

All the benefits that cryptocurrency bring in addition to that cryptocurrency is very liquid. Liquid as in cryptocurrency operate 24 hours a day , seven days , a week means you can sell or trade your assets at any time.

If you invested a hundred dollars today and you needed it tomorrow for whatever reason reason you could get it out almost instantly.


There are number of different assets that many people tend to invest in including physical commodities, precious metals or even the stock market.

Let’s talk about the five investment that you need to know getting started today.

Bitcoin is the king of all crypto. So why is Bitcoin essential to every investors. Is it not too late. Right now Bitcoin has market cap of over one trillion dollars and Is still ranked the number one most popular coin among the entire crypto network.

If I had to choose one crypto to invest in for the rest of my life. It would still be Bitcoin.
You cannot go wrong by choosing the modern day digital gold know for its key characteristics of being an instrument of power and it’s fight against inflation or storing one’s wealth without the risk of seizure so just in this year alone Bitcoin has gone up over 850 percent with many experts still claiming that we are in the much early stages hashtag.

I highly recommend you to have atleast a little Bitcoin and you could simply just forgot about it and watch that money grow.

Ethereum us classified as the top number. We can say Ethereum is alt coin if Bitcoin. Many people actually believe that Ethereum has higher possiblity of going to high than Bitcoin in its current state.

Ethereum actually has much more different goal. So easiest way to compare this is by thinking that Bitcoin us digit gold and Ethereum is like electricity.

without diving too deep into fundamental just know that Ethereum platform has the infrastructure to revolution finances and technology through its open source computing platform and operating system.


The reason why investors argue Ethereum has a higher chance of giving more profitable returns is because the endless amount of use case scenario that this crypto has look in simple terms you can only do so much with Bitcoin while Ethereum lays out the canvas and the paint brush fir People like me. To build and Create some amazing technology. Ethereum is at around 1600$ currently.

Chain link is the link that connects block chain technology to existing infrastructure. This cryptocurrency offers many different benefits, but one that you need to focus on the most is chain link provide reliable tamper proof inputs and outputs.

For complex smart Contract on any block chain this concept itself can be quite complicated and outside the scope of this article. Let me break this down as easy as possible so you at least have a general idea of why chain link is in this list and why you should consider investing into it. Here is an example.^

Smart Contract are obsoletely amazing and I believe that going to be future of this world. Chain link is at 30$ currently.

Ecomi has actually two use case first is utility token of the VV NFT ecosystem. BC is brand new NFT ecosystem.

Cryptocurrency has deflationary nature means token supply us removed from market over time naturally due to laws of Economies a finite supply often entails higher value. Because if lower supply.

At this time cryptocurrency has 0.0098$. Now keep in mind that this crypto us not available on must popular exchange like coinbase , or binance so in order to even get cryptocurrency coins and it’s much early stage like this. You have to download platform that can be a little sketchy.


Harmony one

Recently harmony ( one ) is up 200% and it might be a cryptocurrency that you’ve been seeing on stock twits so unlike most cryptocurrency where they’ve built of another network.

Harmony was actually built from the ground up and address the issue of scalability security decentralisation and privacy using sharding to optimise all of this. Keep in mind I hope the algorithm does not like closed caption.

Sharding is essentially the organisation of Blockchain structure transaction and validator to get s boost in performance. Core the harmony project focuses on solving the Blockchain scalability issue of speed by creating fast and open network nodes operated and governed by a large community through sharding and other various methods so the current price of harmony is 15 cents.

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