Israel Palestine conflict Explained in detail

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2 min readMay 16, 2021


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The situation between Israel and Palestine has worsened so much so that it looks like a war. Thousands of rockets are fired and many people are losing their lives.

In fact, some kids lost their lives as well in Israel Palestine conflict.

Israel Palestine conflict topic is so controversial that people across the world are divided in their opinion
Even in India. Two trends were at the top on Twitter. One, India Stands With Israel. And the other, India Stands With Palestine.

Who is in the right here?Why did this topic and this war start again? Come let’s try to find out in this article

Israel Palestine conflict Explained
Friends, this is the map of Israel-Palestine.

You can see where Israel is on this map very clearly. But one needs to look for Palestine. The highlighted region on the top is known as the West Bank. And the thin green strip at the bottom is known as the Gaza Strip.

In this map, the areas in green are the places where Palestinians live. And the areas in dark green are the ones governed by the Palestinian government. But the pink area in the West Bank is where Israel is in control. Some Israelis also live there.

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